• Laboratory Glassware, Plasticware and Consumables Including beakers, funnels, measuring cylinders, stills, watch glasses, burettes, gloves, tubes, cleaning materials, joints and components available from leading brands
  • http://wowslider.com/Including analytical reagents, buffers and standards
  • General Laboratory Equipment and Analytical InstrumentsIncluding shakers and mixers, weighing equipment and balances, spectrophotometers, fume hoods, ovens, hotplates and water baths test chambers
Laboratory Glassware, Plasticware and Consumables1 Laboratory and Industrial Chemicals2 General Laboratory Equipment and Analytical Instruments3
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Abcam (USA)

ImageThe company discovers more with our high-quality protein research tools, expert technical support, fast global delivery, and up-to-date and honest data. Abcam growing range of products include: Primary antibodies, Secondary antibodies, ELISA, Matched Antibody Pairs and Multiplex Immunoassays, Cell and tissue imaging tools, Cellular and biochemical assays, Proteins and Peptides, Proteomics tools, Agonists, activators, antagonists and inhibitors, Lysates, Multiplex miRNA assays

      Megazyme (USA)

      ImageMegazyme is a global leader in analytical reagents, enzymes and assay kits. Its headquarters in Bray, Megazyme is able to develop, manufacture, and supply products for laboratories around the world. Their products have found applications in a diverse range of industries, including food and beverages, biofuel, animal feed, wine and brewing, dairy, and cereals. Cutting-edge research is at the core of Megazyme. Company’s novel test methods and reagents are developed by scientists for scientists, and it is the sole worldwide producer for a number of industry-standard products. They offer best-in-class service and support to end-users and distributors alike, including technical advice straight from our researchers and expedited delivery to 220 countries worldwide. Megazyme test kits are approved as validated methods by worldwide regulatory institutes in both research and industry.


          Lab M Limited

          ImageThe introduction of Harlequin™ chromogenic media, as well as the company’s development of ISO compliant media formulations for food industry testing, has confirmed Lab M’s leading position within the industry. Lab M also supplies bulk peptones, extracts and other raw materials to pharmaceutical and large-scale fermentation industries in compliance with current EDQM certification. Additionally, the company specialises in custom-designed and custom-blended products. Lab M is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2008 products for the clinical market, which are supplied in compliance with the European IVD directive and carry the CE mark. Lab M was acquired by Neogen Corporation in August 2015. Neogen is a global leader in the development and marketing of products dedicated to food and animal safety.


              NIPPON Genetics (Japan)

              ImageNippon Genetics is a Japanese distribution and marketing company which focuses on products for the Life Science community. Found in 1988, they cater researchers all over the world working at universities and research institutes, pharmaceutical and biotech companies and labs. The company product portfolio focuses on different areas, like DNA/RNA Imaging; DNA Purification, PCR technology and electrophoresis. Especially, the development of the Blue/Green LED technology for visualization of DNA/RNA in agarose gels. This unique and innovative technology delivers with the same sensitivity for red and green nucleic acid dyes. Furthermore, it can replace UV light without any compromise in sensitivity and does not damage the DNA, eyes or skin. The technology was developed in Japan in 2014 and Nippon Genetics is very proud to be the exclusive partner to introduce it to their customers. Additionally, Nippon Genetics’ RNA purification kit using was introduced and is becoming a huge success. The preparation of very pure and highly concentrated RNA is now possible in a much faster time.

                  Jena Bioscience GmbH

                  ImageFor applications in the field of Molecular Biology we offer a large selection of single reagents, complete kits and optimized master mixes. This section includes products for DNA or RNA purification, amplification and modification with focus on PCR-related techniques.