• Laboratory Glassware, Plasticware and Consumables Including beakers, funnels, measuring cylinders, stills, watch glasses, burettes, gloves, tubes, cleaning materials, joints and components available from leading brands
  • http://wowslider.com/Including analytical reagents, buffers and standards
  • General Laboratory Equipment and Analytical InstrumentsIncluding shakers and mixers, weighing equipment and balances, spectrophotometers, fume hoods, ovens, hotplates and water baths test chambers
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ImageIt’s amongst the market leaders for analytical reagents and fine chemicals in India and the Middle East and further expanding its export operations. The quality of company’s products is recognized worldwide since we they are exporting to more than 80 countries in five continents. The reagents manufactured by Loba chemie for industrial use by the pharmaceuticals, foodstuff, chemical, research and development sectors, Hospitals and Universities.

AAS Standard Solutions Acid Halides Acidoctor
Acids-Inorganic Acids-Organic Acrylic Monomer
Adsorption Indicators Agarose Alcohols
Aldehydes Alkyl Halides Allyl Halides
Amides Amines & Amine Salts Amino Acids & Derivatives
Ammonium Salts Aryl Halides Biological Stains and Dyes
Buffer Solutions Buffer Solutions-NIST traceable Buffer Substances
Buffer Tablets Carbohydrates Cerium Salts
Cesium Salts Clinical Diagnostic Reagents Column & Thin Layer Chromatographic Reagent
Complexometric Indicators Concentrate volumetric solutions (CVS)-Ampoule Concentrated Volumetric Solutions (CVS Solutions traceable to NIST)
Conductivity Standards Culture Media Additives Custom Synthesis
Cyanides Dry Solvents Enzymes
Esters Gas Chromatoghaphy Solvents (GC Solvents) GC-HS Solvents
GMP Products Good's Buffer (Biological Buffers) High Purity Solvents
Histology Fixatives Homogeneous Catalyst HPLC Buffer Salts
HPLC, Spectroscopy Grade Solvents Hydrazides IC standards (Ion Chromatography Standards)
ICP Standard Solutions Inorganic Bases Inorganic Phosphates
Inorganic Salts Ion Pairing Reagents for HPLC Ketones
Laboratory Chemicals LC-MS Solvents Lithium Salts
Mercury Salts Metallic Salts (Metal Salts) Metals
Nano Products Nitro Compounds Nucleosides, Nucleotides & DNA
Organic Phosphates Organic Reagent Solutions Oxide
Oximes Packing material Peroxides
Pesticide Residue Solvents(for Trace Analysis) pH Indicator (Solid) pH Indicator Papers
pH Indicator Solutions Phenols & Derivatives Proteins and Protein Derivatives
Pyridines Quaternary Ammonium Compounds Reagent for Organic Chemistry
Reagents & Solutions According to USP Reagents for Microscopy Reagents for Molecular Biology
Redox Indicators Solutions for Hematology and Histology Staining Kit
Staining Solutions TLC Spray Reagents Trace Metal Acids (ACIPUR) & High Purity Acids
Triazoles Vitamins Volumetric Solutions-Ready to Use
Volumetric Standard Solutions (NIST) -Ready to Use Wax & Oils


ImageWhen quality and service go hand in hand with the ability to respond quickly and positively, you can rely on SURECHEM PRODUCTS for all your Laboratory Chemicals Equipment. Surechem comprehensive range of chemicals serves industry, education and medical science with general laboratory chemicals, analytical reagents, high purity solvents for instrumental analysis, and custom synthesized products. Read More...


ImageCARLO ERBA Reagents is also a partner of choice for your industrial needs in tailor made mixtures, in packaging of salts and solvents and in purification of high purity solvents. These services can be linked to a dedicated shuttle service of 5L to 1000L packing size and to an exigent quality control able to fit your specific analysis requirements. Read More...