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Fratelli Crevola (Italy)

The market leader in Italy, based in eastern Piedmont area with a long-established tradition in the manufacture of taps of all kinds, Fratelli Crevola serves some of the most important Italian laboratory builders, schools and universities, and offers its customers a wide selection of customized solutions. High technology and traditional know-how are combined in the assembly performed with approved liquids for gas and water, but also in the choice of precision head-valves, in painting with epoxy and epoxy-polyester paints and in the use of polypropylene handles with specific acid proof properties. If you hold a Fratelli Crevola tap in your hand you will feel the solidity of a tradition that has been transformed into reliability. Fratelli Crevola does not settle for testing samples: it tests the seal of each individual item that will be installed in your laboratory.



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